women’s choice

Every Women’s dream is a beautiful MEN
Everybody agree with me?


Go Ahead…..

Many men find it very unsettling to dream of a romantic figure from the past. Recurring, obsessive dreams about a former girlfriend,especially if she’s someone you still see or talk to .. might be a cause for concern, but the occasional glimpse of a past love is usually nothing more than mental vacation from everyday life. The past lover is special.  Dreaming of a sexy bad girl in my past signals a desire for more spontaneity and excitement in my romantic life. So go ahead and enjoy a romantic life.

What can you do with your lover….?

  • Say I love you, only when you mean it and make sure they know you mean it. 
  • Look into each other’s eyes. 
  • Lips were made for kissing.
  • Carry her to bed.  
  • Make excuses to call them every 2 minutes.